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Posté le : 01-04-2006 Catégorie: La revue doit-elle continuer ?

Leaving aside financial considerations and support from Denoël or other publishers, this seems to me a very odd time to cease publication of the Archives. Interest in the SI and its various members/writers has never been greater, and with the release of D's films in France and, perhaps, in an English version (or in other languages) I would think reconsiderations will be coming for a long time, and some of them will be very much worth reading.


There are two good pieces in the current October, for example (by Vincent Kaufmann, whose book on Debord will be published here this year, and Tom McDonough, editor of "GD and the SI," from MIT Press).


There is also very bad work, such as the GD title in the Reaktion Books Critical Lives series by Andy Merrifield (Debord fetishism at its worst, including a photo of D's Champot post box, plus a disregard for easily confirmed facts so craven it's embarrassing to read the book) that ought to be responded to.


I realize it's easy for me to say, as I haven't contributed, which doesn't mean I won't. But I would think that the pool of interested and interesting writers will expand, and members or associates of GD and others and of the SI who previously have not wanted to comment or be interviewed might open up.


Greil Marcus